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Cheery Craft

joanna posting in Cheery Craft
User: theaveragedream
Date: 2007-08-13 13:16
Subject: Monthly mid-August update!
Security: Public
Music:Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix OST
Tags:announcements, joa
Hey, guys! Just a monthly update here, to let you know how I and cheerycraft are doing as a whole.

I'm pretty busy myself lately. I just had a birthday not too long ago and so I wasn't on the computer as much as I would like to have been! So today or tomorrow I'm going to be full-out updating the profile page, as well as recognizing our first Cheeriest of Them All! I will also be putting that Livejournal calendar to use, to let you know when I won't be as available as I normally would (such as when school kicks in).

Cheery Craft itself is doing great! We're a bit slow, but that's just fine. We've actually got 70+ members! Is that not truly amazing? I'm so proud! We seem to have a big load of lurkers though, so I would just like to prod you guys right now into some action. I know you're all just itching to participate.

So, to all of you cheery crafters out there, I give you a big e-hug! Thanks for joining, thanks for lurking, thanks for participating, and thanks for your time reading this announcement. Have a great day, you guys. Happy crafting!

♥ Joa
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Grace-powered Doozer posting in Cheery Craft
User: wvdramaqueen
Date: 2007-08-13 12:49
Subject: a mentor & friend
Security: Public
My name (Note: First names only!): Jessi
Their name (Note: First names only!): Mark "Wags" and Kathy
Their relation to you (i.e. best friends of five years, bummed co-worker, stepmother, etc.): former swim coach and all-around good egg & his wife
Age/gender/location (state/province/country): 50's?/ m & f/ Iowa, USA
Their story: Wags was the coach of our swim teams in high school.  I never swam for him, but I managed the boys' team for three years.  Wags is the guy who inspires everyone- he gets high school boys to swim & run & lift at 5am, convinces the slowest, fattest person on the team they can win their race, and reminds everyone they're swimmin gbecause they love it.  Wags constantly said "IIITBIUTM" (if it is to be, it's up to me), "if it were easy, everyone would be good," etc.  
  In high school, having Wags dissapointed in me was more devastating than my parents' dissapproval.  Conversly, when he was proud, I might have well won the Olympics, Nobel Prize, and Tonys all at once.  Wags is now fighting a rare cancer on his spine.  It's scary to see someone I always considered so strong strucl down.  He's traveling from Iowa to University of Nebraska for new treatments, with Kathy, his wife, at his side.  They are devout Christians who continue to see God in all of this, but could really use some cheeering up!

Favorite hobbies: Wags-anything to do with water or his children/grandkids.  Kathy, I don't know.
" color(s): Our school colors were orange and black.  He's coached a couple of other schools, too, but I don't know their colors off hand.
" music type/artist(s): ?
" animal(s)/pet(s):again, our school was the Tigers. 
" candy/snack(s): Wags loves ice cream- in fact, he eats a bowl almost everynight!  And, peanut butter/ mayo/ dill pickle & lettuce sandwichs.
Do they have a "style"?:  ?
What you think they would really appreciate: anything sincere and uplifting.  I'd love to see Kathy get something to pamper herself.  Not only does she care for Wags during all this, she works and keeps all his friends and former students updated online!
What you think they would absolutely hate:  nothing I can think of.
Any allergies or pet peeves: ?
Clothing size (measurements are not necessary but appreciated): probably a L or XL shirt for Wags.
Shoe size: ?
Any wishlist(s): anything that says BOO cancer YEA you!  (you get my drift)
Any blog(s): http://www.caringbridge.org/cb/inputSiteName.do?method=search&siteName=markwagner1
Mailing address (do not change this): Comment with your e-mail and I will send it to you
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Carolyn posting in Cheery Craft
User: rowann
Date: 2007-07-29 14:51
Subject: Notification for First Package :)
Security: Public
Music:Little Moments ~ Brad Paisley
So I've finally gotten everything assembled for the first package I'm sending out. It will go to Kelly's grandmother Lois. I really hope she enjoys it.

As I said in my posts, I am not the most crafty person but I do my best. I mostly scrapbook and have dabbled at making cards in the last year on and off. I am horrible at knitting or sewing and I cannot draw to save my life, so it makes coming up with some ideas a little harder sometimes.

This will go out in the mail tomorrow morning :)

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Carolyn posting in Cheery Craft
User: rowann
Date: 2007-07-26 03:08
Subject: warm and fuzzy :)
Security: Public
Music:o/` Blackbird Fly Away ~ Serena Matthews o/`
Awww... this is such a great community!

My sister received the first of her cheery mail today (I'm in Canada and it's a lil slow but it gets here ;)

It was from thatonegurl and it rocked!!!

Kayleigh loved the stickers, and having her own envelope and it made my sister smile to see someone cared enough to try to add a little sunshine to their day! Definitely surprised her and Kay loved the PowerPuff Coloring book as well!

Thanks so much again!

(I almost crazy glued my fingers together this evening working on my packages... I will be sure to post as soon as I am ready to send them out, I'm not the most crafty person, but I am sure any bit helps :)
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User: cosmicgaia
Date: 2007-07-21 18:00
Subject: i love the idea of this community :)
Security: Public

Their story: My mother is an amazing woman with a beautiful smile, which I haven’t seen much of in 2 years.
2 years ago the company she had worked at for 30+ years shut down, her and my father (they met there! aw) lost their jobs. My mom was hit hard by this sudden change and has been having a very hard time dealing with this large change
in her life. She has been finding it hard to get another job and gets very frustrated quickly, even though she has had many interviews she believes she is too old now to be hired. .
She has been very stressed and has become very depressed. 

 know this would lift her spirits and help in bringing back the smile to her face.

My name: Krystle

Their name : Linda

Their relation to you : Mother

Age/gender/location (state/province/country): 56 (on July 31st), ONT, Canada

 Favorite hobbies: reading she enjoys beach themed books, 18th-19th century tales, stories of the underground railroad and slaves making it to freedom, bird books

color(s): Blue and Purple

 music type/artist(s): Elvis, Reggae, anything upbeat

animal(s)/pet(s): Cats

 candy/snack(s): Tootsie Rolls, Licorice(red & black), anything Gummy, Chocolate

Do they have a "style"?: she loves turquoise jewellery.. Other than that no, she doesn’t spend for her self to have a style

What you think they would really appreciate: anything with a Butterfly or Cat (orange, or white and fluffy in particular), Angels, Lighthouses, seashells, humming birds, cardinals, bluejays(bird not sport team) ,fairies, Tiger lilies, Lilacs, lavender. Relaxing/Serene/de-stressing things.

What you think they would absolutely hate: she would enjoy anything at all.

Any allergies or pet peeves: nothing

Clothing size :shirts L-XL, prefer XL

Shoe size: 7-8

Any wishlist(s):</b>no

Any blog(s):no

Mailing address :Comment with your e-mail and I will send it to you.

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lady_x_angelina posting in Cheery Craft
User: lady_x_angelina
Date: 2007-07-19 10:32
Subject: New Member With a Banner ^_^
Security: Public
Hey! So I just joined recently, and I figured I could try to help in the promoting business, so I made us a banner. I hope you like it~

I'm thinking it might be a little big for not being under a cut, but if anyone has a problem with it, please tell me so I can edit the post ^_^;

I hope to be crafting for many of your friends and family very soon~ xD
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The Littlest Brigid of All posting in Cheery Craft
User: lilbrigid
Date: 2007-07-17 15:21
Subject: Someone who needs cheering
Security: Public
Tags:story posts
I promise I'm not trying to hijack this community. I just have a wonderful friend who could use some positivity in her life. Info behind the cut . . . Collapse )

Thanks, everyone!
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The Littlest Brigid of All posting in Cheery Craft
User: lilbrigid
Date: 2007-07-16 21:24
Subject: Package #2 has been sent, too!
Security: Public
Music:my dishwasher
Tags:notification posts
I also sent a package to Alex, thatonegurl_'s sister-in-law-to-be.

It shall contain the following items: follow me!Collapse )
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The Littlest Brigid of All posting in Cheery Craft
User: lilbrigid
Date: 2007-07-16 12:21
Subject: sexymuffintins: I'm sending today!
Security: Public
Tags:notification posts
I'm sending a package to Lois, sexymuffintins' grandmother, today at lunch (in, like, 30 minutes).

Behold what it shall contain: click me!Collapse )
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Jaiye posting in Cheery Craft
User: rhcp_22
Date: 2007-07-14 14:57
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:notification posts

I will be sending your grandma her gift today after I get myself some stamps.

I got her a stationery set I found at half price books yesterday.

I would post pictures, but I wrapped it before I realized that I should've taken one.

I hope she likes it!
&hearts; jen-i-fuhr
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