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Notification for First Package :) - Cheery Craft

Carolyn posting in Cheery Craft
User: cheerycraft (posted by rowann)
Date: 2007-07-29 14:51
Subject: Notification for First Package :)
Security: Public
Music:Little Moments ~ Brad Paisley
So I've finally gotten everything assembled for the first package I'm sending out. It will go to Kelly's grandmother Lois. I really hope she enjoys it.

As I said in my posts, I am not the most crafty person but I do my best. I mostly scrapbook and have dabbled at making cards in the last year on and off. I am horrible at knitting or sewing and I cannot draw to save my life, so it makes coming up with some ideas a little harder sometimes.

This will go out in the mail tomorrow morning :)

So Kelly had said her grandmother enjoys the different seasons and celebrating them - so my most crafty part of the package was a snowflake ornament I painted blue with acrylic craft paint, then added silver glitter glue on top to make it sparkle a little when the light hits it. Then after a day of drying, I added some mod podge to seal it... I added a small hole to thread a wire so if Lois wants she can hang it on a tree, or as I did while waiting for it to dry - on my desk drawer... lol.

Above: Front of the card I made explaining the community and saying hello :)

Above: Photo keychain


Above: Note Paper for Lois to write to her penpal




Above: A few random stickers I'm sending for her to use on her penpal letters and envelopes or even Christmas Cards

And last but not least: A mix of Country songs with a list of tracks on the cd - hopefully she has a cd player as Kelly wasn't sure.

I really hope she enjoys it all. I hope the cut worked right as lj was being wonky...

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User: sexymuffintins
Date: 2007-07-29 21:36 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Thank you.
I know she'll love it!
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